Monday, June 28, 2010

Three is a Charm!!

Many clients of YO - Birmingham/Eagle Point have left for various reasons and then returned when they had office needs again. This is a great indication of the value they find in the facility and the services. But recently we set a location record. One individual became a client for the third time having three different businesses of his own. And for his current business he has three offices.

But now we have a new record. One individual has now been an employee of three different businesses with offices at YO. Networking opportunities abound here.

Another Raving Fan

When we say "full service" we mean full service!! A client came in today in a panic. His cell phone was discharged and the only charging cord he had was for his car. Well, the problem was that the plug in his car wouldn't work because a penny had become lodged in it. He was very worried that he had missed a very important phone call. SO, while a YO team member plugged his phone in their own car, another team member helped him get the penny out of his car. When everything was finished, the penny was out, the phone was charged and the client got the call. The bottom line here: YO doesn't just do items from a menu, but ANYTHING a client needs to be successful.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Even the Smallest of Clients

One client we only work for once a year when they go on vacation. Others we only see when then need something and that can be as little as every month or so. One client only uses us to update and print her resume once or twice a year. Well, today she had a hot lead on a job and needed her resume in the prospective employers hands NOW. She called and team member Pam was able to drop what she was doing and get the resume and cover letter ready to roll in just a few minutes. Pam's fast response could be the difference between getting or not getting the position. And it doesn't matter that she has an occasional need or a something for us to do for her everyday, she is important to us. Now, THAT is client service!!!

Precursor to the Networking Sequel

Although we TRY to network and send business to all our clients, sometimes it is easier to do for specific industries. The real estate team seems to be on a roll. It appears that they will be getting their second listing just from the contacts they made by being here. They were virtual clients for several months but they just didn't seem to be around the office enough to make the contacts. Now that they took a full time office they are busy just due to the contact they have made by being here. We'll keep you updated on their progress.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Networking at YO can be a beautiful thing...

Another new client story (this one, I hope, will be a sequel): A real estate brokerage moved in to the office across from me a few weeks ago. Almost immediately they made an appointment to list the home of another YO client. They got the listing and posted it on the MLS. Amazingly they already have an interested buyer...interested enough to have already met with the mortgage company. As a result they are talking to other clients about listing their homes too.

This is all about the power of networking and the opportunities that present themselves in a shared office environment. YO Birmingham was designed to facilitate networking and the team is constantly aware of making situations happen that allow clients to work with each other and help each other grow. Our clients' successes are our successes too.

(My personal goal: to make an introduction of a client to a client or even just someone I meet while in the community networking and that introduction results in THE REALLY BIG DEAL!!)

A GREAT Team is like gold...

A new client who just moved to YO after leaving one of our competitors just became a Raving Fan of YO Birmingham rather than a satisfied client. He had asked for help from the administrative staff of his former serviced office provider for a year and a half on changing a template on a Word document. They spent hours and he assumes they billed him for that time (and at almost double our billing rate, may I add). But they were not able to make it work for him. YO team member Pam had it going for him in oh, say, about 5 MINUTES. This shows the value of an administrative staff with EXPERTISE and KNOWLEDGE and CONCERN FOR THE CLIENT. This is an every day thing with our clients. They have come to expect that the YO team can handle not only the day to day issues but more complex tasks. Check out the bios of the team at or to see the wealth of training and experience the YO team has.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who will be the 100th client???

Before the latest economic downturn we had 99 clients. We had long anticipated that 100th client but it was not to be. Several clients closed their businesses, retired or corporations decided they could be leaner by servicing this area from Atlanta or Nashville. Now that things are getting better we are, once again, nearing the 100 mark. When we get there we are planning a party to commemorate the event. But in the meantime, we must focus on achieving the goal...100 clients!!

So, to help this process along, we are offering $100 cash or gift card of your choice to the existing client, broker or person on the street who refers the 100th client. This is in addition to any referral or commission that would normally be paid and would go to the individual (unless this breaks any rules that I don't know about). Since there aren't many offices to fill at the moment, virtual offices would be the focus. If you are reading this and don't understand what a virtual office is, go to If after reading there you still don't get it, go to the Birmingham page there and call us. We LOVE to talk about what we can do to help!!!