Thursday, June 10, 2010

Networking at YO can be a beautiful thing...

Another new client story (this one, I hope, will be a sequel): A real estate brokerage moved in to the office across from me a few weeks ago. Almost immediately they made an appointment to list the home of another YO client. They got the listing and posted it on the MLS. Amazingly they already have an interested buyer...interested enough to have already met with the mortgage company. As a result they are talking to other clients about listing their homes too.

This is all about the power of networking and the opportunities that present themselves in a shared office environment. YO Birmingham was designed to facilitate networking and the team is constantly aware of making situations happen that allow clients to work with each other and help each other grow. Our clients' successes are our successes too.

(My personal goal: to make an introduction of a client to a client or even just someone I meet while in the community networking and that introduction results in THE REALLY BIG DEAL!!)

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