Thursday, June 10, 2010

A GREAT Team is like gold...

A new client who just moved to YO after leaving one of our competitors just became a Raving Fan of YO Birmingham rather than a satisfied client. He had asked for help from the administrative staff of his former serviced office provider for a year and a half on changing a template on a Word document. They spent hours and he assumes they billed him for that time (and at almost double our billing rate, may I add). But they were not able to make it work for him. YO team member Pam had it going for him in oh, say, about 5 MINUTES. This shows the value of an administrative staff with EXPERTISE and KNOWLEDGE and CONCERN FOR THE CLIENT. This is an every day thing with our clients. They have come to expect that the YO team can handle not only the day to day issues but more complex tasks. Check out the bios of the team at or to see the wealth of training and experience the YO team has.

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